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Eco friendly Painting

Eco friendly isn't a buzz word for us at Osgood. Our company provides you with a Multi-Trade Shop for all your eco painting and decorating needs by providing different products that can be used on your home or office. A paint job shouldn't just be a paint job. We believe it should enhance your environment and leave you with cleaner air for years to come. With a pro green attitude that starts at home with the Osgood team, we believe that a true pro green company can't just talk the talk; they have to walk the walk. We do just that. All our employees have an active interest in using eco friendly products and use their knowledge on the job to inform you. Some of the questions we help you answer are:

  • Is it important for you to have better air quality or fade resistance?
  • Is it top priority to have higher sheen over low odor?
  • Is it an issue if the paint has high coverage instead of durability?

We offer a fresh approach to answering these questions by informing you, the client, about the products we use, and their effect on the environment. We take our work seriously and that shines through in all of our projects.

" If you're looking for quality and for a job to be done right, look no further."

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