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I contracted with Patrick Osgood's Company to renovate my kitchen due to extensive water damage after last winter's weather. I have a 950 sq. ft. condo in an 1898 Federalist building in the Historic District of Salem and the job included kitchen and hall. The scope was huge as the water damage had settled in from March to October, due to insurance adjuster delays. I had to move out for 8 weeks. It went slower than I thought but as it turned out they needed to uncover the depth of the damage right down to the original exterior wood. It was more work than anticipated, yet they finished close to the original quote. Patrick spent extra time to insure that I had the granite I wanted for the counter. Ceiling, windows, cabinets, floors, walls, closets all required replacement or repair...anti-bacterial treatment, too. I am pleased with the outcome - just a few more details to finish. Patrick appears to have developed a responsive team of workers. His Spanish is excellent, his personality pleasant....a plus for a contractor, in my experience. I would recommend his company without reservation.

Carlotta T.
Patrick and team painted my house and stained my wood railings and I could not be more happier! ... I give them 5 stars and would use them again any day!

Tan hallways with the stained railings!

Grey bedroom.

Stairs they stained looking amazing!

Bathroom is grey and it makes the tiles pop!

Brad C.
Patrick is a smart and fast working organizer and seems to be an excellent boss of the men and women who work for him. We were impressed with the way he handled all the details. His workers did an excellent job and were delightful to have around.

Lynn F
Osgood Painting is without a doubt, reliable, friendly, and efficient. I called them to paint a couple rooms, and although I was very busy and had to cut a few conversations short, they consistently responded promptly and were very helpful. When they came to paint the rooms, they were very attentive to exactly what I wanted (I can be a bit of a perfectionist), and very helpful with some recommendations I didn't even think of! I had moved out most of the things out of the rooms, and they covered the rest. I am extremely pleased with the outcome and won't hire any other painter or contractor after my great experience with them. If you are considering hiring Osgood, I would highly recommend them. Thank you Patrick! .

Em B.
This company is extremely PROFESSIONAL and cares about the quality of their work and 100% customer satisfaction. I've had work done by Patrick Osgood and his crew lately and it is AMAZING! Exceeded my expectations by a long shot. If you're looking for quality and for a job to be done right, look no further. Osgood is the right company for the job!

Matt S.
I had a voucher from Osgood to paint a small room (one coat), so I had them paint an upstairs bedroom in my condo. I knew I would need a second coat (the new color was lighter than the old one) and they gave me a very reasonable price on that. They were wonderful, quick, and professional -- it was a huge relief to get the work done so inexpensively and conscientiously.

Jamie C.
We contracted Osgood to do an extensive number of exterior repairs and painting to our historic home. This included window sash, sill and trim repair and replacement, porch repair and replacement, deck repair and replacement, siding and shingle repair and replacement and gutter repair. They did a very high quality job in all aspects fully addressing the numerous and varied types of work needed. They also did an excellent job in working with our very tight in town location. They always left a neat work site every night over the several months they worked on it. All the workers were professional to deal with. We plan to use them in the future.

Donna F.

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